Any inquiries concerning the conference's technical matters please address to

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D-90562 Nürnberg-Heroldsberg

Tel: +49 911 518 290
Fax: +49 911 518 2920

Address for any correspondence concerning antiinfectives:

Addresses for any correspondence concerning non-antiinfectives:

Please always write "WCDA" in the "subject area" so that we can identify your email as a "WCDA" related issue. We will not open attachments without specific writing in the mail from where it is. Before opening we will verify the sender by phone call or fax. So please include these numbers.

Whenever during the preparation of this conference in the months ahead or during the conference you have a special need or need help, please feel free to contact Fritz Sörgel at any time:

Should you not receive an answer in one of the e-mail addresses, please use the respective other one.