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Week of Ehrlich Excellence for Graduate Students and Young Investigators (30 years of age or younger)


A limited number of 50 graduate students (doctorate students) and young investigators (e.g. physicians) will have the opportunity to participate in a special program from Monday to Saturday. Attendees will have several options of courses and will have tutors during the whole week. The age limit for Young Investigator status is 30 years (inclusive).


However, this workshop also covers intermediate and advanced topics in pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and the drug development process. The advanced topics in the workshops are intended for course participants who work in these fields or around and may improve their skills by listening to and discussing with the lecturers, who are experts in their fields. Thus, we would very much like to invite also experienced scientists to participate in this workshop. Of course, advanced questions may also be raised during the “Meet-the-Tutor-Professor” sessions.


There is no age limit for participation in the workshop and “Meet-the-Tutor-Professor” sessions.



Goal of the “Ehrlich Week of Excellence” for Graduate Students (Doctorate students) and Young Investigators


At the end of this week the participant should understand the drug discovery and drug development process. The participant should be able to understand and assess contributions from medicinal chemistry, basic biomedical science, clinical medicine and pharmacokinetics to drug development using antiinfectives as an example. So, we believe that this week is of great value not only for researchers in the antiinfective area.


At the end of the conference on Saturday, September 11th, 2004, participants having attended lectures and the conference will receive an “Ehrlich-Certificate of Excellence” that will give attendees a leading edge in their professional life over other applicants.






An introductory seminar will be given for scientists from non-biomedical areas like chemistry on Monday afternoon and Tuesday early morning. This seminar will help the non-biomedical scientist to understand the anatomical, physiological and biochemical basis of pharmacokinetics and pharmacology.


On Tuesday and Wednesday workshops will be divided into beginner-intermediate and intermediate-advanced-expert level according to previous knowledge of participants in these fields.

Please see the workshop program under this link:


In addition to these courses there will be lectures and hands-on sessions on bioanalytics from Monday through Wednesday (


Aspects of computational chemistry, drug development including regulatory issues, clinical trial design, and statistical analyses (including individual and average bioequivalence) will be covered in a parallel workshop session on Wednesday morning.


We will have a PK/PD Laboratory ( from Tuesday morning through Friday evening, where you can see software presentations of PK/PD analyses, clinical trial design, statistical evaluations etc. performed by experts. Please also note our “Bring your own data” offer.



Pre-Conference Workshop Program Overview

Monday – Wednesday, September 06-08, 2004



Monday, Sept. 06

Tuesday, Sept. 07

Wednesday, Sept. 08








Workshop in Bioanalysis*

1 session

1 session

1 session

1 session

1 session

1 session

Introduction for chemists, physicists, etc.


1 session





PK/PD General Concepts

Beginners to intermediate



1 session

1 session

1 session

2 parallel sessions

PK/PD General Concepts




1 session

1 session

1 session

1 session

Applications in Anticancer Drug Therapy






1 session

ISAP workshop on antiinfectives





1 session

1 session

PK/PD Laboratory (software presentation and discussion)



All day°

All day°

All day°

All day°

Drug development: From chemistry to applied PK/PD to regulatory issues and statistics





1 session



*:     Workshop will have theory lectures and hands-on sessions. The latter will be in small groups at our analytical laboratory within the congress center.

**:    Session will be in the early morning before the PK/PD General Concepts Workshop.

°:     The PK/PD Laboratory will be open continuously. You can see and discuss applications of PK/PD software presented by experts there. Please feel free to go there at any time. It will also be open on Thursday and Friday.

-:     No activities.



Workshop site: Monday – Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The pre-conference workshops on Monday through Wednesday will be at the congress center Nürnberg – “CCN-Mitte, Messezentrum Nürnberg”. CCN-Mitte may be reached within two minutes walking from CCN-West, where the main conference will be on Thursday through Saturday. Therefore, you may use the same travel information as for the main conference, see links below:


Travel information for internationals:

Travel information for Germans:


Monday (noon-evening)
September 06, 2004


Introductory and interactive courses on the following topics for participants with no biomedical or pharmacological background:


-        Anatomy and physiology – learn about the anatomical and physiological basis of drug treatment

-        Pharmacogenetics – how does the human body differ in the sense of anatomy and pharmacology

-        Basic pharmacokinetics – learn the basic principles about how the human body acts on a drug

-        Drug metabolism – learn about the action of the human body on drug molecules



The lecturers are excellent teachers in these fields with rich teaching experience at universities or similar institutions.


Lecturers:                               Willi Cawello (Monheim am Rhein, Germany)

Ronald Böcker (Erlangen, Germany)

Fritz Sörgel (Nürnberg-Heroldsberg, Germany)


Workshop coordinator:            Jürgen Bulitta (IBMP, Germany)

Tuesday and Wednesday, September 07-08, 2004


PK / PD – General Concepts Workshop and Advanced Material

General Concepts in Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics for all kinds of Drugs (Antiinfectives and Non-Antiinfectives)


The “PK/PD – General Concepts” workshop deals with general principles applicable to antiinfectives and non-antiinfectives. This workshop will not focus on antiinfectives, in contrast to the “Pre-Conference-ISAP-Workshop” on Wednesday, September 08, 2004.


There will be parallel sessions for the following two educational levels:


Course Level

Link to the course program

Beginner – Intermediate

Intermediate – Advanced – Expert


The beginner - intermediate level is especially designed for people with no specific educational background on the current lecture. This will be an excellent chance for graduate students (doctorate students) and young investigators from all fields of research to get a sound introduction from the leading researchers of these fields. Participants at an intermediate level may gain from the large variety of topics in PK/PD covered in this general concepts workshop.


Special attention will be paid to the fact that the beginner-intermediate workshop will not require any mathematics. A discussion at the end of the workshop will include participants at all levels to talk about the perspectives of antiinfective pharmacology.


The intermediate, advanced, and expert level workshop will present an excellent possibility for more experienced participants to widen their view and improve their skills on the topics under discussion.


The tutors are leading researchers and simultaneously excellent teachers in their fields.


Lecturers:                          Irina Bondareva (University of Moscow, Russia)

George Drusano (Albany Medical College, New York, USA)

Nick Holford (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Ulrich Jaehde (University of Bonn, Germany)

Roger Jelliffe (University of Southern California, California, USA)

Charlotte Kloft (Free University of Berlin, Germany)

Rüdiger Port (dkfz Heidelberg, Germany)

Michael Weiss (University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany)


Workshop coordinator:        Jürgen Bulitta (IBMP, Germany)


See also the link:


Course attendees will receive a certificate of participation.

Wednesday afternoon, September 08, 2004


“Applications in Anticancer Drug Therapy”


There will be a parallel workshop session on Wednesday afternoon on “Applications in Anticancer Drug Therapy”. This workshop will be at a beginner-intermediate level.


Lecturers:              Ulrich Jaehde (University of Bonn, Germany)

Charlotte Kloft (Free University of Berlin, Germany)

Rüdiger Port (dkfz Heidelberg, Germany)


See also the link:




Monday – Wednesday, September 06-08, 2004


Hands-on Laboratory Course


There will be theoretical lectures and hands-on courses on bioanalytical techniques on Monday - Wednesday. During the practical sessions, which will be held in small groups, you may see how the professionals apply those techniques.


Held by:         M. Müller, C. Joukhadar, U. Holzgrabe, F. Kees, L. Silvestro and other experienced instructors.


The bioanalytical workshop will include the following techniques:


-          High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

-          Mass spectrometry

-          LC-MS/MS (Liquid Chromatography coupled online with tandem Mass Spectrometry)

-          Capillary Electrophoresis

-          Microdialysis

-          Protein Binding

-          Tissue Level Measurement


See also the link:


Wednesday, September 08, 2004 (08:00 AM – 01:30 PM)


PK/PD analyses & statistical evaluation

Regulatory aspects for evaluation of clinical trials

Computational chemistry in drug development


There will be a parallel workshop on Wednesday morning which will cover a variety of topics within the drug development process. This workshop will start at a beginner-intermediate level. The statistical session on assessment of bioequivalence and computer assisted trial design will be at the intermediate-advanced-expert level. The computational chemistry lectures will not require special knowledge or experience in computational chemistry. They are at a beginner-intermediate level.


This workshop will include the following courses / topics:


·         Practical aspects for assessing PK/PD parameters

·         Role of PK/PD modeling in drug development

·         Regulatory aspects for evaluation of clinical trials

·         Computer assisted trial design to optimally design clinical trials

·         Strategies for assessment of bioequivalence (BE) – individual and average bioequivalence

·         Applications of computational chemistry in drug development

·         How to predict PK parameters based on 2D molecular structures solely (?)

·         Modeling ligand host interactions by use of homology modeling and molecular dynamics simulations



Held by:            Daniel L. Weiner (Pharsight Corporation, Cary, NC, USA)

Abid Sattar (Pharsight Corporation, Cary, NC, USA)

Harald Lanig (University of Erlangen, Germany)

Jürgen Bulitta (IBMP, Nürnberg-Heroldsberg, Germany)


Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Main Program (

Pre-Conference-ISAP-Workshop on Antiinfectives

PK/PD and infection modeling, dose individualization, tissue levels, drug development


This workshop will be held by members of the ISAP. All are leading researchers and simultaneously excellent teachers in their field coming from university and industry institutions.


Chairmen and speakers:                   O. Cars (Uppsala, Sweden)

                                                      W.A. Craig (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

                                                      H. Derendorf (Gainesville, Florida, USA)

                                                      G.L. Drusano (Albany, New York, USA)

                                                      A. Forrest (Buffalo, New York, USA)

                                                      C. Joukhadar (Vienna, Austria)

                                                      J. W. Mouton (Nijmegen, Netherlands)

                                                      M. Müller (Vienna, Austria)

                                                      U. Theuretzbacher (Vienna, Austria)

                                                      P.M. Tulkens (Louvain, Belgium)


For details on this workshop, please go to the following link:


Course attendees will receive a certificate of participation.


Thursday – Saturday, September 09 – 11, 2004


“Meet the Tutor Professors” – discussion groups with conference presenters


All through the whole main conference (from Thursday through Saturday) at least three Professors will be tutorial guides (in native English and native German) to discuss the presentations of oral talks at the main conference and posters at the conference with the course participants.


On Thursday and Friday we will organize three meetings, and one on Saturday for discussions with your Tutor Professors about the talks and posters presented at the main conference.


They will sum up the main points and guide through the most important parts of the conference. Since the tutor professors are all senior experts in these fields, you will get sound introductions and “state-of-the-art” résumés on the topics presented at the main conference. Additionally, they may clarify all issues of interest for you about the data presented, the background and the fields around it.


Tutors will be some of the following professors:


Tutor Professors:           Leslie Benet (University of California, California, USA)

William Craig (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

George Drusano (Albany Medical College, USA)

Nick Holford (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Hartmut Lode (Free University Berlin, Germany)

Roland Nau (University of Gottingen, Germany)

Roger Jelliffe (University of Southern California, California, USA)

Kurt Naber (Straubing, Germany)

Michael Weiss (University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany)


List will be updated regularly with more tutors.



Fees and requirements


Graduate students (doctorate students) and young investigators (e.g. physicians), age 30 years or younger.


Conference fee (Tuesday through Saturday):


-          for participants from US and other highly industrialized countries (without hotel)     250 EUR

-          for participants from Eastern Europe (without hotel)                                             150 EUR

-          Fees for other regions and developing countries, please write an e-mail to



Workshop only fee (Monday - Wednesday) for Young Investigators:


It is possible to participate in the workshop (Monday - Wednesday) without participating in the Main Conference (Thursday to Saturday). The respective Young Investigators’ fees for the complete workshop program (Monday - Wednesday) without the Main Conference are:


-        for participants from Western Europe, US and other highly industrialized

     countries (without hotel)                                                                                           100 EUR

-        for participants from Eastern Europe (without hotel)                                                    80 EUR

-        Fees for other regions and developing countries, please write an e-mail to


If you are a Young Investigator who would like to register only for the workshop, please use the regular registration form (, indicate at a free place "YOUNG INVESTIGATOR" and check the box near:

"All three days (Monday-Wednesday) workshops (except dinner & sports)" to indicate that you would like to participate in the complete workshop program (only) and not in the Main Conference.


Investigators above 30 years


For investigators above 30 years of age the regular fee for the workshop applies. (Please see also the following link:


Early registration fee (registered before June 01, 2004):

-          175 EUR for the complete workshop program (Tuesday / Wednesday)

-          150 EUR for the WCDA - Main Conference (Thursday to Saturday)


Registration fee (registered after June 01, 2004):

-          250 EUR for the complete workshop program (Tuesday / Wednesday)

-          200 EUR for the WCDA - Main Conference (Thursday to Saturday)


For the other conference fees, e.g. the gala-evening or the social program, please see the registration form under the link given above.


In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us under +49 911 518 290.




“First come first served” – limited number of participants


Register soon, deadline: August 10th, 2004.


Please note, these reduced fees are only available for a limited number of 50 young researchers. The reduced fee was calculated on a pure cost-covering basis to give young researchers the opportunity to enter the field of pharmacology and pharmacokinetics using antiinfectives as an example of “how to”.


Due to the limited nature of this young researchers’ offer, you need to inform us about your participation. It is not possible to reserve one of the limited places within this offer only for one day.


Young researchers’ reservations may only be valid for 2 weeks until final payment. Reservation is on a first come first served basis and is only complete, when the money has arrived on the WCDA account!



Accommodation – hotel / youth hostel:


In the reduced fee offer of 250 EUR / 150 EUR (see above), the “Opening Ceremony” on September 9th, 2004, the complete scientific program and especially the introductory lecture for non-biomedical scientists, and the historian’s conference on September 11th, 2004, are included. The “Gala Evening” is not included.


The following applies to all Young Investigators who booked the 250 EUR offer:

At the end of the conference we will give you 100 EUR (of the 250 EUR) back as a reward in cash, if you can show us participation in most "Week of Ehrlich Excellence" - events. This we will check by participation lists for the workshops and symposia. You should come to the conference office at the end of the conference.


If hotel and “Gala Evening” should be included an option of a 500 EUR reduced fee offer for the “Ehrlich Week of Excellence” for Young Investigators is available (regular price: 700 EUR).


If you like to make a hotel reservation, please use the fax form given under the following link:



Gala evening

The gala evening is not included in the reduced fee for young researchers. We will offer three types of tickets for the gala evening on Friday:


Theatre and show only, without food or drinks                                                 25 EUR

Theatre and show with food from buffet, but no drinks                                       40 EUR

Theatre and show with food from buffet and non-alcoholic drinks                       50 EUR

Regular price for conference attendees                                                           60 EUR